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Macroprolactin: the Role of Serial Measurement Throughout Pregnancy (Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology & Diabetes Reports)

M. Livingston, S. Nair, D. Radford, J. Kane, A. H. Heald

Prolactin circulates predominantly as a 23 kDa monomer, and a high molecular weight form largely consisting of a complex of prolactin and anti-prolactin IgG autoantibody called macroprolactin. The latter cross-reacts with conventional laboratory assays for prolactin. We here describe the use of serial macroprolactin measurement to assist in the management of a pregnant lady with pre-conception hyperprolactinaemia in whom a magnetic resonance imaging scan had not been performed. Read more.

Deep Sylvian Meningioma: A Case Report and Review of the Literature (Indian Journal of Neurosurgery)

Nidhal Matar, Kais Maamri, Adnene Boubaker, Jalel Kallel, Hafedh Jemel

Meningiomas are extra-axial tumors. They usually display a dural attachment, although meningiomas without dural attachment are extremely rare and reported only occasionally in the literature. In this article, the authors present a new case of a deep sylvian meningioma and briefly review the relevant literature. Read more.

Efficacy of Carbon Microcoils in Relieving Cervicogenic Dizziness (International Archives of Otorhinolaryngology)

Roseli Bittar, Nédison Gomes Paim Alves, César Bertoldo, Cibele Brugnera, Jeanne Oiticica

Cervical pain contributes to postural deviations and imbalance. Nanotechnology may be used for the treatment of neck pain by fixing to the skin small rounds silicone patches containing double spiral carbon nanotubes arranged in the form of a coil (Helical), which would then relieve dizziness caused by muscular contraction. The objective of this study is to Evaluate pain and dizziness scores before and after Helical patches effect on cervicogenic dizziness treatment. Read more.

Match Success Trends in United States Ophthalmology Residency Programs (Journal of Academic Ophthalmology)

Todd H. Driver, Allison R. Loh, Fei Yu, Steven D. Pletcher, Ayman Naseri

Medical students in the United States are inconsistently exposed to ophthalmology. Not only is this eroding U.S. medical graduates' ability to diagnose and treat ophthalmologic conditions, it may potentially affect interest in the specialty. To assess medical student's interest in pursuing ophthalmology training, this study sought to evaluate the match rate trend among U.S. medical school seniors applying into a U.S. ophthalmology residency and compare the trend to another traditionally competitive surgical subspecialty, otolaryngology (ENT).  Read more.


A Vascular Malformation Presenting as a Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor (Journal of Brachial Plexus and Peripheral Nerve Injury)

Vikas Parmar, Clayton Haldeman, Steve Amaefuna, Amgad S. Hanna

We present the case of a venous malformation (VM) masquerading as a schwannoma. VMs are thin-walled vascular dilations of various sizes that typically present as soft, compressible, blue masses that are associated with pain or dysesthesia. In this case report, we present a VM presenting near the neurovascular bundle of the upper extremity axilla. Our case is unique in that the patient presented with symptoms and imaging qualities characteristic for a peripheral nerve schwannoma. Read more.

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