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Subcutaneous Immunotherapy Improves the Symptomatology of Allergic Rhinitis (International Archives of Otorhinolaryngology)

Edmir Américo Lourenço, Eduardo José Caldeira, César Alexandre Fabrega Carvalho, Marcelo Rodriques Cunha, Marcus Vinícius Henriques Carvalho, Saulo Duarte Passos

The relevance of allergic rhinitis is unquestionable. This condition affects people's quality of life and its incidence has increased over the last years. Thus, this study aims to analyze the effectiveness of subcutaneous injectable immunotherapy in cases of nasal itching, sneeze, rhinorrhea and nasal congestion in allergic rhinitis patients. Read more.

Pediatric Cranioencephalic Trauma in Senegal: A Consideration of 164 Cases (Indian Journal of Neurosurgery)

Ibrahima Tine, Yannick Canton Kessely, August Ndione, Ababacar Mbengue, Adamson Phiri, Abdoul Azize Diop, Sidy Ka

The cranioencephalic trauma (CET) is a worldwide public health problem. This study is aims to evaluate the epidemiologic, clinical, paraclinical, and types of treatment of CET in Senegalese children. The study includes children younger than 15 years, victims of CET from January 2008 to December 2012. Read more.

The Surgical Strategy to Correct the Rotational Imbalance of the Glenohumeral Joint after Brachial Plexus Birth Injury (Journal of Brachial Plexus and Peripheral Nerve Injury)

J. Bahm

In upper brachial plexus birth injury, rotational balance of the glenohumeral joint is frequently affected and contracture in medial rotation of the arm develops, due to a severe palsy or insufficient recovery of the lateral rotators.  Read more.

Publication Productivity for Academic Ophthalmologists and Academic Ophthalmology Departments in the United States: an Analytical Report (Journal of Clinical & Academic Ophthalmology)

Craig R. Thiessen, Garrett T. Venable, Nick C. Ridenhour, Natalie C. Kerr

Quantifying scholarly output for academic ophthalmologists and academic ophthalmology departments provides a benchmark for academic productivity, offering information about how well an academic department facilitates the scholarly activity of its faculty.  Read more.


Osteoid Osteoma of the Intercondylar Notch: An Uncommon Cause of Knee Stiffness (Journal of Knee Surgery Reports)

Rachel M. Frank, Peter Nissen Chalmers, Brian J. Cole, Steven Gitelis

The presence of an osteoid osteoma in a periarticular or intra-articular location about the knee is rare. Osteoid osteoma of the knee may be present with nonspecific complaints including knee pain, stiffness, effusions, and atrophy.  Read more.

Osteolysis and Cervical Cord Compression Secondary to Silicone Granuloma Formation around a Dorsal Spinal Cord Stimulator: A Case Report (Journal of Neurological Surgery Reports)

John R. Dimar II, David T. Endriga, Leah Y. Carreon

Spinal cord stimulators (SCSs) have long been in use as a modality for the management of numerous pain pathologies. Along with commonly anticipated morbidities such as displacement, failure (due to fracture or breakage), or infection, there have also been rare but well-documented complications of fibrous scarring, resulting in spinal cord compression.  Read more.

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