Why Publish Open Access?

When it comes to scientific research and medicine, the Thieme Publishing Group aims to provide the best services possible to our readers and authors, and this is why we want to publish your research, scientific and clinical content the way you wish to publish it – be it open access or in one of our subscription journals. All our subscription journals offer you the choice to publish your work under the subscription mode or open access, or you may choose to publish in one of our purely open access journals. Please also note that Thieme is a SHERPA/RoMEO blue publisher that allows posting of the final publishers' PDF on your personal website. No matter which route to publication you choose, you will always receive the very best from us: expert peer review and editorial services, online publication on a leading technology platform, high quality print if this is what you have chosen, friendly and customer-oriented service throughout the entire production process and wide spread dissemination of your publication by our dedicated specialist staff.

There are a number of reasons why publishing your work open access may be for you.

Increase visibility, readership and impact
Open access articles are available to read for everybody, immediately and permanently: readers have access to your article independently of their libraries' journal collection. This allows a much higher visibility and discoverability of your publication, as there are no restrictions in viewing it. Open access articles are available to everyone on a global scale, even to users in institutions that do not have access to a large number of subscription journals. This can significantly broaden the readership and usage of an article.

Comply with open access requirements
Also, some funding organizations require that the recipients of their grants publish the resulting research open access. You should always check for any open access requirements of your funding body before submitting your work to a journal. Thieme can offer you creative commons licenses that comply with the stipulations of all funders and help you fulfill their mandate.

Rapid online publication and manuscript submission
Publishing open access also means that you can immediately share your research with your peers around the world – Thieme open access articles are available freely to read, download, print out and share. The open access model also allows fast publication of your paper. As soon as it is reviewed and accepted, it can be published online and will be available on Thieme E-Journals. Our efficient production processes ensure that your work is made available to the world as quickly as possible.

Rigorous peer-review by leading specialists
Talking of peers – of course Thieme open access articles undergo the stringent, high quality peer review you have come to expect from us.

High-quality editorial services and support
We offer the same high quality of editorial, author and production services you have gotten used to from our subscription journals.

Retain the copyright of your work
Most of our open access articles are published under a CC-BY-NC-ND license. This means that you retain copyright and reuse-rights of your work. Your work can be shared, copied and redistributed in any medium or format under the condition that you as the author are given appropriate credit. A link to the license must be provided, and changes made have to be indicated. Nobody may use it commercially or alter it without your permission.

Retaining the copyright does require you to sign a Copyright Transfer Agreement, allowing us to legally become the publisher and user of your copyright.

Three of our journals use the cc-by license as default. This means you retain copyright and reuse-rights of your work. Your work can be shared, copied and redistributed in any medium or format under the condition that you as the author are given appropriate credit. Everybody may use, adapt, remix, transform and build upon your work for any purpose, even commercially.

To learn more about theses licenses, please visit http://creativecommons.org.

No Double-Dipping
"Double dipping" is the term ascribed to the situation whereby a journal could both receive an open access publication fee and also charge customers a subscription fee for the same article. To avoid "double dipping", Thieme will adjust its journal prices each year based on the number of open access articles published in the previous calendar year for which standard article publication charges have been paid.

Should you have further questions or need additional information, please contact us at openthieme@thieme.de