Thieme's Policy on Double-Dipping

Authors of articles for all Thieme subscription journals have the option of paying an article publication fee so that their articles will be published on an open-access basis. The article publication charge for "hybrid" (sometimes called "transitional") journals is €2,500/$2,900. This amount covers all costs associated with the publication of a manuscript.

"Double dipping" is the term ascribed to the situation whereby a journal could both receive an open access publication fee and also charge customers a subscription fee for the same article. To avoid "double dipping," Thieme will amend its journal prices each year based on the number of open access articles published in the previous calendar year for which standard article publication charges have been paid. The first such adjustments were made for 2016 pricing based on article publication fees paid in 2014. We calculate and adjust pricing each year using the same methodology. 

Journal prices are based on a number of factors, including but not limited to number of articles and pages, frequency of publication, added functionalities to the electronic versions, inflation, market competition, etc. and as such an open access component in one year's publication may not automatically result in an absolute reduction in price in a future year.

Alongside with the adjustment of subscription prices, Thieme is working with all stakeholders (authors, research communities, societies, universities, libraries and funders) to establish practical solutions to make Open Access a beneficial, sustainable and long-term publication model.